State Resource Centre, U.P.

State Resource Centre, Uttar Pradesh

The main function of the State Resource Centre, Uttar Pradesh. (S.R.C) is to organize training of functionaries at different levels, prepare training materials and materials for Saakshar Bharat programme, evaluate the programmes, conduct research studies, run the field programmes and development activities. All the activities of SRC are being performed through its four departments, viz.Training, Curriculum Materials Preparation, Research, Evaluation & Monitoring and General Activities department. A monthly magazine for neo literates namely "UJALA" is regularly published by the SRC, U.P.

Shri Y.S.K. Seshukumar, D.G., NLM addressing the Directors of JSSs of U.P. in a workshop jointly organised by D.A.E., Govt. of India and S.R.C. U.P. at Literacy House

The SRC, U.P. is led by an independent Director and governed by management committee constituted by the Govt. of India, under the aegis of India Literacy Board.